Turkey, the crossroads of Europe and Asia: How it all began.

Turkey, the crossroads of Europe and Asia, is how it all began. And what better place for a European and Asian little girl like me to start my travel adventures than this? By seven months of age, I took seven flights and seven days on a road trip without being a burden to my parents. I was a very good girl. In fact, I am a girl with the wanderlust gene and I will travel the world.

How it all began

Lara in Marmaris, Turkey
Lara in Marmaris, Turkey

Turkey was the first country my parents have decided to have my “initiation” as a young traveler at the tender age of seven months old. In the beginning, they were a bit nervous about this trip. In fact, it was their first trip with me (still a toothless baby) but fortunately, I was a trooper. Besides, I was just happy to sneak a snack with my mamma and some cuddles and enjoyed seeing people around. In fact, I took seven flights and seven days on a road trip without being a burden to my parents. I was a very good girl.

Istanbul: The City of Two Continents

We went to Istanbul which is the capital of Turkey. This magnificent city is the meeting point of East and West. Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Grand Bazaar were just some of the places we visited.

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul
The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

The Best of Western Turkey

We flew to Antalya to start our road trip. First of all, we stopped first in Marmaris, Fethiye, and Oludeniz where my Papa drove to Babadag Mountain, 1,969 meters (6,460 feet) above sea level. Babadag mountain is famous as a starting point for paragliding. and up there, you will see the beauty of Blue Lagoon.

Lara and dad at Pamukkale
Lara and dad at Pamukkale

After spending a night in Fethiye, we head to Kusadasi, where the renowned Ephesus is. This is the most visited archaeological site and where the house of the Virgin Mary is located. Then, we continued our journey to Denizli, that is very close to the famous Pamukkale. The word “Pamukkale” means cotton castle in Turkish. Most noteworthy, it is famous for its thermal water cascading down in white travertine terraces. Around the area, you will see the Hierapolis, the Roman ancient spa city where you can swim at the antique pool.

The Library, Ephasus
The Library, Ephesus


Finally, we drove back to Antalya, took a plane to Adana and from there, rented a car to visit Cappadocia. Cappadocia is magical, it’s like you are transported to a fairy wonderland with its chimney-like rock formations.

Above all, it is famous for its one of its kind landscape, underground cities, cave churches, houses sculpted in the rocks and frescoes. This place will certainly captivate you and leave you in total awe. This is indeed a must-see place in Turkey.

Cappadocia Turkey
Cappadocia, Turkey

Turkish People

I love Turkey and what I like most is the people! They are friendly, helpful, hospitable and they love babies very much. Everywhere we went like restos, airports, hotels, shops, they always smiled at me, carried me, and played with me. Once, while my parents were having breakfast, the hotel owner carried and played me.

This was how it all began! Turkey was just the beginning of my adventures as I try to explore the world with my tiny feet and little eyes.

Lara, mom, and dad in Istanbul
Lara, mom, and dad in Istanbul

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