Lara The Explorer Youngest Travel Blogger ! The girl with I got the wanderlust gene.

My travel blog is my travel diary as I explore the world

My name is Lara and this is my travel blog and my travel diary as I explore the world.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Literally, I am taking a single step in this journey of a thousand miles. I am a cheerful, creative, positive, independent, energetic, and happy mixed girl, half Italian and half Filipino. From my parents, I got the wanderlust gene.

My first flight
My first flight

At seven months old, I had a baptism of fire in the world of travel and, even before I took my very first step, I took my very first flight, destination Istanbul. In fact, no other place could have been better for a European and Asian little girl like me to start my travel adventures.

I have been to 4 continents, 14 countries, hundreds of cities, and I have taken 51 planes traveling 86,000 miles.

As you all know, I cannot write yet obviously. Please bear with my beloved parents, namely Nerissa & Giuseppe who will take over this blogging.

As a family, we will share with you our travels, experiences, memories thru photos & videos to inspire everyone that traveling with a small child like me can be done with courage, patience, and unity.

This travel blog serves as my travel diary. In fact, as I grow, I will look back to the places I have been. Certainly, those learning experiences will shape me and my wisdom and will guide me to become a better person. Hence, these thousands of moments will become my memories and they will imprint for a lifetime.

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